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One Thing is Needful

William Maclean

Published by Reformation Press

I suspect many of the readers of the reviews of this site are well acquainted with Rev. William Maclean. The Middletome site came into being because I wished to make readily available the back catalogue of Youth Conference lectures that I had. Shortly after its inception, two friends encouraged me to include the sermons of the Rev William Maclean. The sermon recordings had been brought back from New Zealand and Edward Greene had been instrumental in much of this. Edward was always a kind supporter of this website and it is lovely to see the mention of both him and his appreciation of Rev William in the introduction of this book.

Rev William Maclean served in a range of FP congregations in Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. The sermons in this book are taken from the period covered by some of the recordings I have posted over the years (his Gisborne ministry).

The books begins with a short biographical sketch by the Rev. Donald Maclean which was taken from the FP Magazine (1985). The title of the book is taken from the eighth sermon, on Luke 10:42. The selection of sermons in the book, begin with Genesis 17:7 on God’s covenant and baptism. We then have a range of both Old Testament and New Testament figures, such as Mephibosheth, Naaman, Baruch, the four lepers in 2 Kings 7:9 and finally the Good Samaritan.

The central point in this selection of sermons is pointing towards Christ. The series builds to a pair of sermons (the eighth and ninth) which are on the One Thing Needful (hence I suspect why that is the title) and the following it is another sermon from John 11:28 (The Master is come and calleth for thee). After this pair of addresses the focus shifts towards the second coming and the lively and secure hope of believers.

Dr Dickie and Dr Hyde are to be warmly commended for their faithful work in transcribing and editing these twelve sermons, taken from recordings across both the Old and New Testament. It is my hope that you will buy this book and that you will enjoy some of the same sense of profiting from and appreciation of the ministry of Rev William Maclean, that was there in Edward Greene whenever we talked on him. Any selection of sermons that so clearly points you to the redeemer of souls, is worth your time.

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