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The material on the site is not affiliated with any particular church. It seeks to reflect a variety of views drawn from the reformed and evangelical church traditions. Many of the sermons that are on the site were first preached from the pulpit of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. However, the site doesnt just host sermons from the ministers of that denomination and it will also contain sermons and lectures by ministers that have since left that denomination. We aim to provide a set of material that is edifying and try to avoid taking a partisan position.

The recordings on the site are a mixture of those preached in recent years and those from many years ago. The content of the recordings does not necessarily express the view of the editor of the site or those of a particular church. There are many sermons and they will not always be consistent with one another. As a good friend in Texas has often mentioned to me, we should exhibit that Berean spirit and as with all things we encourage you to listen and search the scriptures to see whether these things be so (Acts 17 v 11).

Rev Donald Maclean

Minister in Portree and Glasgow


William Maclean.jpg
Rev William Maclean

Minister of Ness, Gisborne & Grafton


Roy Middleton

Elder at Barnoldswick

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